The Sunflower Field

A directory of Joel's original FFXIV roleplay characters.


Skywatcher Nimbus

Head in the Clouds

Laindry Law

If you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

Scavenger Gr'a

One man's trash is this critter's treasure.

Ahldoen Aerstfaeldsyn

Worn Out, but not Worn Down

Ko'mui Aliapoh

Blue is the best color!

Nazarus oen Angelus

Demon of the Darkhold

Atlas Usynhanth

Professional Square

Curator Memento

Collector, conservator, curator.


Characters that are taking a little nap.

Aiswyda Bleimoenwyn

Legs as Long as Lances

Roarke Farulf

. . .

>>Work in Progress<<

Out of Character information

Thanks for checking out my character's profiles! I work really hard on them, so I truly appreciate it!

About my RP

  • I'm Joel- 25 years old, freelance artist, and professional himbo appreciator.

  • Friendly and talkative OOCly, and most of my characters are friendly too!

  • To my knowledge all my characters are lore adherent, but I am not lore strict! So long as a story has a reasonable explanation, then I am open to it.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly, and most if not all my characters fall under the umbrella.

  • I do my absolute best to match posts, but my post length naturally errs on the shorter side since I tend to become shy and lock up in group RP settings. My post length gets longer the more time I have to relax and think.

  • I struggle with my memory, so I am prone to making honest mistakes, lore or otherwise. If you catch one feel free to bump me and let me know!

  • My schedulel ranges between restrictive and open at any given day, so arranging a time for RP works best for me!

  • I prefer to be acquainted and communicative with my long term RP partners.

  • If you want to set something up or discuss story hooks, feel free to ask for my Discord or message me ingame!

Rules of Engagement

  • IC =/= OOC! Any of my characters' potentially harmful opinions, beliefs, and actions do not reflect my own.

  • In spite of the above rule, I do acknowledge that sometimes certain subject matters do affect people outside of the game, so please do not hesitate to communicate your comforts!

  • Most RP themes accepted! I excel most in lighthearted, humorous settings, but also appreciate plot and dark themes as well.

  • Will not RP: ERP outside of plot progression, excessively dark, taboo, or inappropriate themes, and character death.

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